Kitchen & Pantry

The kitchen is the heart of the home. We spend a large portion of our day there and is arguably the most important space to get organize.. 


Closets become cluttered so fast. It’s easy to throw things in, close the door, and forget about it…until the next time you open the door. Let’s get all those closets cleaned out and come up with a plan to keep them that way. 


Whether you use your garage for storage, parking cars, or a workshop, it deserves to be organized

Home Office

Whether you have a dedicated room or a corner in your home, increase your productivity by having an organized space.


Playrooms can become black holes with piles of toys resulting in children who don’t want to play in them. I can help give your children a place to play so they can grow and learn.

Personal Room

 From craft rooms, to man caves, to “I Love Me” rooms. If you need a space that’s just for you, I can help.

Unpack & Organize

Moving is one of the most stressful things we experience during our lives. Let me alleviate some of that by unpacking and organizing your home for you. 

Other Spaces

If you need a space organized that is not listed above, I can still help.


Getting organized and keeping it that way are two different things. Sometimes, life gets busy and we let things go. I can always come back and set things back in order.

Hi, I'm Kimberly

I have been organizing for over 20 years. I love helping my clients to create functional, beautiful spaces. My approach to organizing is non-judgmental, yet straight forward and supportive. I will ask difficult questions in an effort to help you analyze the obstacles that may be standing in your way of having a home that works for you. My range of support is anywhere from free advice to 100% hands-on. Let me know how I can help you today.

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How it Works

For your consultation, I will come out to your home so you can show me all the areas of concern. I’ll get to know you, ask questions, and give advice. Once we are done, I will write up a detailed plan including product recommendations and cost breakdown.

For your convenience, I provide free shopping services. 

My top priority is your privacy. I will always protect your confidentiality and will never share your personal information.

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